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Tue Nov 4 18:05:18 CST 2008

FahMon 2.3.4 Released

FahMon 2.3.4 is now available for download. Please see the download page for details on how to get it.

For a comprehensive list of changes please view the changlog which is linked to from the homepage.

What's new in this release:

  • This version fixes the nasty bug in 2.3.3 which cause clients to fail to update after non-specific periods of time. This was caused by a typo in the update queue handler which now works properly.
  • CPU usage has been reduced slightly when refreshing clients thanks to a re-worked message logger.
  • clientstab.txt is now tab-delimited. This has no effect on FahMon, but may break compatibility with other tools that read this file.

As always if you find any bugs in FahMon please report them using trac

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