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Sat Nov 1 13:11:52 CDT 2008

FahMon 2.3.3 Released

FahMon 2.3.3 is now available for download. Please see the download page for details on how to get it.

For a comprehensive list of changes please view the changelog which is linked to from the home page.

What's new in this release:

  • The client list view has been made much more configurable and additional columns can be added with a right click on the column title.
  • You can now completely hide the WU Info panel on the right hand side of the main FahMon window.
  • Clients can now be managed from the main menu instead of a right click menu in the clients list.
  • Clients can now be manually disabled if you don't want FahMon to monitor them.
  • Paused clients can now be detected and shouldn't register as *hung*.
  • A number of debilitating bugs that affected GPU monitoring have been fixed.
  • FahMon on Windows now follows MS guidelines for storage of settings. This means no more problems with UAC on Vista when downloading project updates.

Special thanks go to John Daiker for providing a number of patches to improve GPU2 support as well as fixing the "quick-refresh" crash bug.

As always if you find any bugs in FahMon please report them using trac

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