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Mon Jun 16 11:48:49 CDT 2008

Upcoming developments and contributions

I'm writing this news post mainly to let members of the community know what's going on with FahMon development-wise, since there have been no new announcements since April.


For those of you who are not aware, FahMon is coded entirely in my spare time, which recently I have had virtually none of (writing theses was the main culprit). However, I'm about to start a major drive to get various bits of core code in FahMon up to scratch and more stable.
There are already a number of GUI enhancements in svn including re-organised menus (for those who were confused about the lack of a "client" menu), configurable columns in the main view and the ability to hide the "WU Information" panel. There may be a few more tweaks to the GUI being made of the next few days to try and make the whole thing a little slicker than in the current release.
After finishing the GUI updates I'll be taking a look at the innards of the monitoring code, and possibly re-writing major portions of it to increase stability, and compatibility (mainly with SMP clients inside Virtual Machines).

I also hope to be able to put together some build-bots to automatically compile the latest svn code to ease the testing process.


There are a number of ways that you can help contribute to the development of FahMon, and only 1 of them requires you to have any programming knowledge:

  • Bug reporting. This is very important to help improve FahMon, because unless I know a bug exists, I can't fix it.
  • Ideas for features. You guys might come up with something I had'nt thought of.
  • Code contributions. I welcome any patches to code, from typos to new functions.
  • Monetary donations. There's a paypal link on the homepage. There's no obligation, but if you want to donate, the facility is there.

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