February 11, 2008 Archives

Mon Feb 11 12:06:33 CST 2008

Comments system added

I'm trying out a comment system for the news section of the site, so feel free to use it if you will.
The captcha can sometimes appear completely unreadable, so I recommend you refresh the page until it is readable and then start writing your comments.
Hopefully I can get that fixed.

The software powering the comments is a nifty set of php scripts called blogkomm which I've integrated into nanoblogger.

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Mon Feb 11 12:00:45 CST 2008

New/updated translations available

The download page has been updated with links to the v2.3.2 translations for Portuguese (pt_PT) and German (de_DE). Thanks to Mark Gerber for the German translation.

Installation for Windows is simple, but for Linux it can be a bit more tricky. Read the wiki page linked on the download page for precise instructions.

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