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Thu Jan 31 06:20:26 CST 2008

FahMon-2.3.2beta3 ready for testing

This is the third and hopefully final unsupported beta for FahMon 2.3.2 to clear up some additional reported bugs.

This release fixes an issue with the download time and effective rate calculations which were being translated by incorrect amounts from UTC by the timezone logic. An issue which caused FahMon to crash at the end of perculiar WUs have also been dealt with.

Assuming this beta is stable, and I can get all the outstanding translations back in a timely fashion, 2.3.2 should be released publicly sometime next week. There are a number of documentation files that need to be altered in the meantime.

As always, report bugs in this release using trac: http://trac.fahmon.net.

Download: Windows Linux/Source

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