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Thu Jan 24 07:54:51 CST 2008

FahMon-2.3.2beta ready for translating

This is just to trigger the translations RSS feed. For the full release info see: FahMon 2.3.2beta ready for testing.

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Thu Jan 24 07:51:17 CST 2008

FahMon 2.3.2beta ready for testing

This is an unsupported beta release of FahMon to check a number of bug fixes to allow me to close various support tickets.

The specific behaviour that needs testing is as follows:

  • Do 50 frame DGromacs WUs now report PPD and ETA correctly?
  • Does reloading client information still cause high CPU usage in Windows?
  • Does FahMon still enter a state that uses 100% CPU time when left running for several days on Windows?
  • Do client locations still get corrupted when monitoring large (> ~30) numbers of clients (Windows or Linux)?

If you test this release please comment on the above bugs using the bug tracking system.

For the full list of changes so far please refer top the changelog for this release, and also check the tickets that have been reported for this release here

One bug that has not yet been fixed is ticket #77 where the web output is displayed incorrectly in IE 7. This will be fixed in the official release.

This release also represents the an opportunity for translators to update the translation files ready for the official release. This time there are only very minor changes to the files required.
Any budding web designers may want to try out the templating system in this release too

Download: Windows Linux/Source

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