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Sun Oct 21 18:33:26 CDT 2007

Prerelease1 build ready for translating

FahMon version 2.3.1pre1 is now ready for translators to update the translations ready for the upcoming 2.3.1 release.

The second prerelease is necessary due to a bug being found in 2.3.1pre which had several translations missing.

2.3.1pre1 also includes some code updates commited after 2.3.1pre was released.

For existing translations there are an additional 30 strings that need translating.

If FahMon doesn't exist in in your native language, and you'd like it to, now is an excellent time to start translating it.

The links to use are:
Windows http://fahmon.net/downloads/testing/FahMon-2.3.1pre1.zip
Linux http://fahmon.net/downloads/testing/FahMon-2.3.1pre1.tar.bz2

The information you'll need for submitting translations etc, can be found here.

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