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Mon Oct 15 13:06:49 CDT 2007

OS X Port in development

Given that the wxWigets library is supposed to be a platform independent API, and since FahMon already exists for Windows and Linux, why can't it exist for OS X too?

Well the answer is, it can!

Thanks to some prodding from Shello from P@F, I've started modifying the platform dependent portions of FahMon to be compatible with OS X, using a Mac that I've been able to get my hands on. Shello has also graciously offered to help in this regard with his Mac.

Currently the state of the port is quite early on. The source compiles and runs on OS X, but there are still a large number of bugs, mainly due to the difference in the way OS X handles application frames etc. Some of the bugs at the moment seem to be a bit strange in their behaviour, like crashing when you right-click the client list for example.

I'm fairly confident that these can be resolved in short order though, once I understand what is causing the problem.

The OS X conversion is taking place in parallel to the existing Windows and Linux versions, so if I accidentally break something in the OS X build, it won't affect the Windows or Linux versions until the conversion is complete, by which time everything should work.

Here's a little screenshot of what it looks like so far:

Once the conversion becomes a little more stable I'll start releasing binary test builds, but at the moment given it's infancy and instability, the only way you can access it is from the svn repository.

svn co http://fahmon.net/branches/mactest FahMon_mac

To actually compile FahMon, you'll need Xcode and wxWidgets compiled as a static library (only required for build-time, not run-time). The best place to find information on how to get this is on the wxWidgets wiki
After that it's just a case of running

make FahMon.app
At which point you should have a FahMon application bundle!

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Mon Oct 15 12:41:20 CDT 2007

Prerelease build ready for translating

FahMon version 2.3.1pre is now ready for translators to update the translations ready for the upcoming 2.3.1 release.

For existing translations there are an additional 20 strings that need translating.

If FahMon doesn't exist in in your native language, and you'd like it to, now is an excellent time to start translating it.

The links to use are:
Windows http://fahmon.net/downloads/testing/FahMon-2.3.1pre.zip
Linux http://fahmon.net/downloads/testing/FahMon-2.3.1pre.tar.bz2

The information you'll need for submitting translations etc, can be found here.

I'm quite happy for non-translators to use these builds, however, they are not, and never will be supported in any way (and you'll be missing any updated or new translations).
If you want to stay supported, wait until the official release is announced.

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