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Fri Oct 5 09:44:45 CDT 2007

First post for translators

For the existing translators out there, and for any potential new translators, this is the section you want to be watching to stay up to date with when new translations are required.

This generally means you'll get a few days advance on everyone else for downloading the official release, however it won't be officially supported, and should really only be used for checking that your new translations work etc.

To subscribe to this website category, the best way is to go to the translations category link on the side bar and subscribe to the rss feed. Alternatively you can click on the rss/atom feeds on the "syndicate" panel on the right, which any modern browser will allow you to bookmark, or send to google reader.

To get involved in translations right away, all you need to download is the fahmon.pot file from the svn trunk (see the home page for the direct link). About a week or so prior to an official release, a new post will be made here to notify you of the prerelease translation source (if you are keen and keep up with development, you shouldn't have to do very much on the prerelease versions).

To submit your translations, at the moment the best way to do it is the submit a ticket on trac, and attach the .po file you have created. I can then merge that into the source.

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Fri Oct 5 09:08:52 CDT 2007

Latest development release

For those of you interested in downloading bleeding edge code, svn revision r38 is reasonably stable and adds a few new features in addition to a number of bug-fixes

To download this specific revisions, you can either download the snapshot as a zip file from here or you can export it from the svn repository using the following command (you should be able to do this anonymously):

svn export -r38 http://svn.fahmon.net/trunk fahmon

This revision contains the following changes:

* Updated and improved documentation (this is still "Work
  in Progress").
* Added Czech translation.
* Preferences dialog and client list now save changes
  immediately, which should help in situations where FahMon
  crashes, like fast-user-switching or closing RDP/VNC
* Added Drag-and-Drop function to the client list to allow
  new clients to be added more easily.
* Add Gromacs SMP CVS (GROCVS) core support.
* Adjusted margin on the benchmarks dialog.
* Fixed bug in "Effective Duration" code that produced
  incorrect results when calculating values for WUs with
  less than 100 frames
* Detailed instructions on how to compile fahmon using the
  MS Free Tools are now provided.
* Altered progress detection method to use FAHlog.txt, this
  should help with cores that don't update unitinfo.txt in
  a timely fashion, or at all. Unitinfo.txt is still used
  as a fallback if 1) The projectId is unknown, 2) The WU
  is still in the "startup" phase (i.e. yellow).
* Added WebApp module. You can now export the monitoring
  status to 3 different formats, WebApp - a fancy jscript
  powered web page that mimics the FahMon interface; Simple
  Web - a simple web page containing useful data arranged
  in a simple table; Simple Text - similar to Simple Web,
  but optimised for shell based viewing - useful for
  monitoring over SSH.

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Fri Oct 5 07:22:55 CDT 2007

New Website

FahMon now has a nice new website which you are reading right now.

As well as being the source for downloading FahMon, it now integrates with trac and svn for the development and support side too.

Hopefully this should be easier for you as end users too, and you should be able to syndicate the RSS/ATOM news feeds for new releases, development news and information important to translators.

Since trac is being used to handle the project management, we now have a sophisticated bug tracking and milestone management system. This makes it very easy for you to submit bug reports and for me to manage them, and the project as a whole.

I'm still working on the trac side of things, so it doesn't allow you to create tickets etc. yet, but that will come soon.

Anyone can now browse the development source, either though the trac browser, or via the svn server itself at svn.fahmon.net

If you want to download the most recent development source, you can check it out from svn using your favourite svn client

svn export http://svn.fahmon.net/trunk fahmon

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