Download FahMon


Windows Users

Windows users can either download the Windows Installer or the Windows Zip file. Choose the Installer if you want to have start menu entries created for you. Choose the Zip file if you want to easily update an existing installation. The Installer is not required but is provided for convenience.

Download: Windows Installer | Windows Zip

Linux Users

Linux users can download the source package and compile FahMon themselves (instructions are included). Prebuilt packages are provided for a number of distributions, however these are not supported builds. To compile from source you will need to have a c++ compiler and the wxGTK development libraries installed.

Download: Source Package distribution packages will be uploaded as time permits.

OS X Users

OS X users can download the packaged Universal Binary (Currently a package for FahMon 2.3.99 is not available for OS X so this links to version 2.3.2b).

Download: OSX Universal Binary

Updated translations

The following translations have been updated since the latest release of FahMon. For details on how to install, please read How do I install a translation update?

Languages: None

Previous versions

A full listing of all previous versions along with download links can be found here.

Bleeding edge code

If you are interested in compiling the latest and greatest code for FahMon, you can obtain it via svn. The source includes the instructions you need to compile for both Linux and Windows

svn export fahmon