About FahMon

What is FahMon?

FahMon is a multi-platform application for monitoring the various Folding@home clients. It is capable of monitoring all the current Folding@home clients with the only exception being the PS3 client which can't export the data required by FahMon to monitor it.

Monitoring multiple machines is easy with FahMon too. You can monitor clients that are shared over a network, Windows users can just type in network share names by their UNC path. Linux users can monitor any clients that they can mount folder from into their filesystem. This includes NFS/SMB/WevDAV shares. No provision for monitoring over http is possible at the moment.

Multi-platform compatibility is acheived by using the wxWidgets library, which provides a common programming API to the native APIs on multiple operating systems. In this way, applications written using wxWidgets look like they were built natively for that operating system.
At present FahMon is available as a Windows executable, a Mac OSX Universal binary (as of version 2.3.2a) and also as a source package for compiling on Linux.


FahMon is Copyright Fran├žois Ingelrest (Original Author/Retired Developer) 2003-2007 and Andrew Schofield (Lead Developer) 2007-2010

FahMon is free software and released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). As such you are free to modify and distribute FahMon with the only condition being that you reference the original source. (See the current docs).

FahMon will always be free software, and will always have source that can be compiled on at least Windows and Linux.


The website design and content are based heavily around those of pidgin.im (styles and general layout) and www.adiumx.com (content layout) as both of these are great examples of how to integrate trac into a project website and I wanted a smooth look for the site that wouldn't take me long to achieve.

I'm open to further suggestions about the site design if you think something could be done better.