Welcome to the FahMon homepage!

FahMon is an open-source tool (GPL license) that allows you to quickly check the progress of your Folding@Home client (or clients if you have multiple), avoiding you having to open different files and/or to go to the Internet (for example to know how much your current work unit is worth). Other monitoring tools exist (such as Electron Microscope or FahLogStats), so if you don't like FahMon, have a look at them!

FahMon is entirely coded in C++ and uses the wxWidgets library, which allows FahMon to exist both for Linux, Windows and OS X. It is designed to be really easy to use, and you should thus not encounter any major problem.

Download FahMon ::


Some features of FahMon:

  • Information on many clients at a glance
  • A local projects database is maintained to avoid using an Internet connection
  • Estimated time of arrival for each client
  • Work units benchmarking
  • Exists for both Linux, Windows & OS X

Need help?

If you want to talk to a human, join the FahMon IRC channel: #fahmon on freenode
Click here to open a web-based IRC client.

Help Translate FahMon:

Please read the wiki page here

Reporting bugs etc.

If you think you've found a bug in FahMon, or want to request a new feature, please use the built-in ticket system. You can access this system by clicking the "Support & Development" button in the link bar above, and then click "New ticket" (you will need to login/register first).

The ticket system is designed to simplify the bug reporting process, so please make use of it.

Guidelines for submitting bug reports can be found here.

FahMon not recognising your WU?

Try following the instructions here: Using the fahinfo.org project list

Donate to FahMon

If you wish to make a donation to help with the development of FahMon, please use one of the two methods below:

Paypal (any amount): 

Unfortunately Google checkout is no longer available.

Current donation total: £874.36

See the FahMon Donor page for a list of people who have donated.